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Wedding Pricing Overview

Wedding photography is a combination of art, technology, and photojournalism. It is a uniquely joyous episode in a couple's lifetime filled with the best of emotions and blessings. Remembering those happy moments event-by-event is what causes wedding photography to be a blend of photographic elements, including photojournalism when it captures those memorable times as they occur.

But weddings are also beautiful spiritual ceremonial events, and for that reason need to be treated artistically. Of course, all this art and photojournalism requires the use of high technology.

Life Trek Photography, LLC brings a dignified attitude and style to wedding photography. We offer traditional portrait poses for groups and individuals, if desired. However, we also understand the desire to remember the impromptu incidences, general atmosphere, and visages of the accumulated well-wishers of the day. For that reason, when possible, we also attempt to invisibly and politely merge ourselves in with the gathered celebrants and record in images those expressive faces and candid events that occur.

Blending those three elements, portraiture, art, and photojournalism generally requires the use of flash technology at appropriate times. Customers who do not desire flash photography at all must state this prior to signing the agreement. It is possible to photograph an entire wedding with existing light (i.e. ambient light) but this requires technical and possible quality tradeoffs which must be well understood in advance. That said, some of our most artistic and striking wedding images have been made with existing light.

Traditional Wedding Package Pricing *

Price: $850 (plus sales tax -- nonrefundable $425.00 deposit payable by check or cash at time of agreement signing, balance due at rehearsal or day before wedding). The date is not considered reserved until a customer agreement is signed and the deposit has been paid.

Delivered Digitial Images: approximately 100 to 500 full sized digital images (.jpg format) on disc media, customer may make unlimited reprints or copies

Also Generally Included In the Price:

Engagement Portraits: one to four digital engagement portraits (formal or causual)--may be used on social media to announce your egagement

Rehearsal Photographs: rehearsal session and rehearsal dinner (maximum of three hours) if conducted one to four days prior to the wedding

Wedding Event Photographs: traditional posed images day of the wedding (if desired), the wedding event, and the reception (maximum of six hours day of the wedding)

Retouching: none, some, or all images may be digitally enhanced (or digitally retouched) at no additional charge when done at photographer's discretion and by prearrangement during customer interview. Additional retouching may be requested by the customer at a standard rate of $50 per hour assuming requested enhancements are agreed to by Life Trek Photography, LLC and with the understanding that a minimum of one hour will be billed.

Liability Limitations: Customers agree to assume all liability for any damages or injuries occurring to property or persons during the photographic project or as a result of the sitting while on the customer's property, third party private property, or public property. If Life Trek Photography, LLC does not deliver the post production images due to its own failures, then the customer is entitled to compensation limited to a refund of any prepaid amounts or deposits.

* Note: Prices subject to change at any time until written into a signed customer agreement.

Customized Wedding Package Pricing

Please contact Life Trek Photography, LLC to inquire about pricing for your custom needs.

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