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Travel Pricing Guidelines*

Life Trek Photography, LLC may conditionally travel to customer locations. If a scheduled shoot, sitting, or event is within ten highway miles of Carmel, Indiana (as calculated by Mapquest.com) there is no additional charge for travel, assuming free parking is provided (if free parking is not made available the customer will pay Life Trek Photography, LLC's parking expenses).

Assuming the event is within reasonable and acceptable driving distance (as determined by Life Trek Photography, LLC), every additional unit of twenty miles (or portion of twenty miles) beyond the initial ten mile distance from Carmel, Indiana, the customer will be charged $40 (covers both the outbound twenty miles and the inbound twenty miles increment jointly) for time and expenses.

If the travel requires flight or overnight accommodations the customer will pay for all airfares, fees, lodging, meals, tips, and other expenses incurred by Life Trek Photography, LLC in addition to a daily fee of $350 for photographer's time, plus the photographic package fees.

* Note: Prices subject to change at any time until written into a signed customer agreement.

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