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Pricing to Photograph Live Theatrical Performances with Still Images *

The following represent pricing guidelines since every theatrical production has elements that differ and may require customization to the project and thus adjustments to the pricing. Call Life Trek Photography LLC to discuss your specific requirements and to obtain a more precise proposal. Sales tax (7%) will be added to each pricing element.

- Pre-performance cast headshot images: 1-20 actors for $50; 21-40 actors for $90; 41-60 actors for $130

- One Dress Rehearsal: $150

- One to Three Live Performances: $250

- Master Disc included with any of the above. Images may be published (note: published images should carry this credit, "Images Courtesy Life Trek Photography LLC"). Customer may make as many disc copies as desired to distribute to actors, crew, and staff.

Liability Limitations: Customers agree to assume all liability for any damages or injuries occurring to property or persons during the photographic project or as a result of the sitting while on the customer's property, third party private property, or public property. If Life Trek Photography, LLC does not deliver the post production images due to its own failures, then the customer is entitled to compensation limited to a refund of any prepaid amounts or deposits.

* Note: Prices subject to change at any time until written into a signed customer agreement.

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