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School Portrait Pricing

Please contact Life Trek Photography, LLC for pricing on your customized needs.

Life Trek will bring in a mobile studio, professionally pose each student, and will photograph high quality digital portraits, one to three poses per student. Studio time for each student is about two minutes. Just weeks later Life Trek will provide the school organization with a digital master copy that includes a gently retouched portrait of every student that participated in School Portrait Day. These portraits may be used by the Yearbook team and the ID badge team. Furthermore, individual student DVDs will be provided to the school (containing a single student's gently retouched portraits in .jpg format) to be distributed to the parents of each student; these individual DVDs will carry permission for the parents to print, copy, and publish their student's portraits.


Life Trek will bill only the school and not the individual students or their parents (if the school wishes the parents to pay for their own portraits the school will be expected to collect those funds from the parents apart from Life Trek's involvement). There will be a base charge of $100 and $12 per participating student. Sales tax of 7 percent will also be added. The $100 base charge (plus sales tax) will serve as the non-refundable deposit in order to hold the sitting date(s). Depending on the size of the school the sittings may span over several days.

By way of illustration assume a home school coop has eight participating students and two participating teachers. The illustrative example pricing for this hypothetical school would be as follows:

Deposit/Base Charge: ............................... $100.00

Per Portrait Charge ($12.00 x 10 portraits): $120.00

Sales Tax at 7%: ......................................$15.40

Total Charge to Organization: .....................$235.40

For the purposes of billing, teachers and administrators will be photographed and accounted for in the same manner as are the students. Also, students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a Life Trek permission statement to participate in School Portrait Day; students 18 or older may sign for themselves.

Liability Limitations: Customers agree to assume all liability for any damages or injuries occurring to property or persons during the photographic project or as a result of the sitting while on the customer's property, third party private property, or public property. If Life Trek Photography, LLC does not deliver the post production images due to its own failures, then the customer is entitled to compensation limited to a refund of any prepaid amounts or deposits.

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* Note: Prices subject to change at any time until written into a signed customer agreement.

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