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Digital Portrait Directory Pricing


In previous years an organization or a church might have contracted with a directory company to come and make portraits of all their members and then bind the prints into a paper directory book. Such an out-moded arrangement involved the directory company requiring every organization member to listen to a half hour to one hour sales pitch in an effort to convince them to buy expensive additional print packages with add-ons like retouching and frames. Worse, the digital images (which is what most people really want) were another hefty-priced add-on option. The entire arrangement saw the members of the church or organization potentially spending upwards of tens of thousands of dollars with the directory company. Up to six months later the directory would arrive, possibly out of date due to the long printing and delivery time lag.

Life Trek Photography offers an inexpensive contemporary alternative. Life Trek will come in with a mobile studio, professionally pose each member, and will photograph high quality digital portraits of every member (or by family if preferred), taking about ten minutes of each person's time with no invidual sales pitches. Just weeks later Life Trek will provide the organization with a digital copy of their directory (with member portraits and customized address/phone information) on DVD disc. The directory will be in Windows Word format allowing for easy future corrections, changes, expansions, and updates by the organization's librarian or executive assistant. The organization may make as many or as few directory discs as they desire.


Life Trek will bill only the organization and not the individual members, unless the member(s) request a special service. For the digital directory disc, the individual portraits on the disc, and every portrait gently retouched the organization will be billed a base charge of $100 and $10 per portrait in the directory. Sales tax of 7 percent will also be added. The $100 base charge (plus sales tax) will serve as the non-refundable deposit in order to hold the sitting date(s). Depending on the size of the organization the sittings may span over several days.

By way of illustration assume an organization has ten member families and the directory will only host family portraits. The illustrative example pricing for this hypothetical organization would be as follows:

Deposit/Base Charge: ............................... $100.00

Per Portrait Charge ($10.00 x 10 portraits): $100.00

Sales Tax at 7%: ......................................$14.00

Total Charge to Organization: .....................$214.00

Liability Limitations: Customers agree to assume all liability for any damages or injuries occurring to property or persons during the photographic project or as a result of the sitting while on the customer's property, third party private property, or public property. If Life Trek Photography, LLC does not deliver the post production images due to its own failures, then the customer is entitled to compensation limited to a refund of any prepaid amounts or deposits.

Customized Package

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