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Craig Booth

Some History

Craig Booth fell in love with film photography before the age of ten. He still owns and displays his first camera, an Imperial Satellite 127 box camera, on his fireplace mantle. At age sixteen he purchased his first of many SLR film cameras, though his favorite professional camera would always be a medium format film camera, the Mamiya 645J.

Prior to entering Purdue University Craig began a professional photography practice called The Camera Booth. His primary focus was weddings and artistic portraiture.

When Craig earned a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University in business software engineering he put professional photography aside and pursued a corporate career in computer technology and project management. Craig maintained an avid and active interest in hobbyist photography, often volunteering his time and efforts for church events and for friends or family.

In late 2011 Craig earned a Master of Divinity degree in pastoral ministry, having already left his corporate career but determined never to retire. Craig's interest has turned entirely to volunteer spiritual ministry initiatives (Craig is a trained biblical counselor) and to photography. Craig has developed a love for the art and technology of digital photography.

It's About the Art, not the Technology

Craig prefers to utilize cropped-frame-censor digital SLR camera equipment (he also does not expect many people to know what that means), as the full-frame cameras he has used do not produce the image sharpness he strives to obtain. More than seeing photography as mere technology, Craig embraces photography as the art of painting images with captured light.

Craig's Training

Craig believes in never-ending life-long education. Craig took formal photography training classes while still in his teens, a couple years of liberal arts classes at Grace College, earned a Bachelor of Science in business software engineering, a Master of Divinity, a cerfification as a Project Management Professional (PMP), and completed training from Faith Baptist Church in Lafayette as a Biblical Counselor.

Jane is wondering what Craig's next education initiative will look like.

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