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Our Business Philosophy

We are excited and interested in hearing from prospective customers and in discussing their photographic requirements. Merely the act of planning photographic sessions can reveal surprises and unforeseen opportunities, so we gladly spend time learning about a customer's heartfelt desires to capture a day's memories in images.

All projects, assignments, and bookings are by advanced agreement and always by reservation. As odd as it may sound, Life Trek Photography, LLC may refuse a prospective customer's proposals for work if we feel that the event, sitting, or working environment is not a good fit with our business philosophy, skill sets, schedules, or other factor.

Life Trek Photography, LLC is intent on operating in a friendly, cooperative, congenial, moral, and ethical manner. We will not engage in any project involving sexually explicit images or nudity. When photographing minors (male or female) an adult chaperone must be available along with the adult photographer (generally this will be Craig and his wife, Jane). Parents are strongly encouraged to be present at the sitting with minors.

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